An Introduction to Web, Email & Chat Surveys

Integrate CSAT Central surveys into your website via hyperlinks or pop up widgets, to capture targeted customer feedback. Our unique agent tracking module also enables your agents to send post-interaction surveys across email and chat channels.

Track Individual Agents – A major advantage of our solution is the ability to track satisfaction surveys in real-time via individual agents. You can also set up multiple campaigns & teams and run a campaign for separate products or individual teams within your organisation. 

Automated Email Surveys – You can opt to automate the delivery of ‘post-interaction’ CSAT surveys to your customers instantly, via email 

Anytime Reporting – We offer standard and bespoke reports, in single and multi channel formats. Customising the look and feel of your wallboards and reports is easy too, thanks to our innovative user-centric GUI 

Implement Web, Email & Chat Surveys via Pop-ups or Hyperlinks – Add IP-linked ‘pop-up’ surveys on single or multiple web pages, or use hyperlinks directing visitors to a dedicated survey page. Surveys can also be integrated into Facebook and Twitter, maximising reach and campaign potential.

100% Compatible With Leading Web Chat Providers – Track customer feedback in real-time through your existing Webchat provider.

Total Visibility With Real-time Wallboards – Every completed survey updates the wallboard in real-time. You can track and measure customer satisfaction scores and other vital call statistics dynamically on multiple devices too, like; desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. 

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